Whale Communication

Whale communication is very advanced.

It is almost as complex as a language.

How Do Whales Communicate?

A Group of Humpback Whales Bubble Net Hunting and Feeding Together
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Whales, like all other animals, communicate about things like where food is, what they want and how they feel. While sight and touch are also used, hearing is an important sense under the water surface, and whales communicate most often by using sound. They make many different sounds like clicks, whistles, chirps, thumps and low moaning sounds, some up to 30sec long, but many much shorter. Although it is not really like a human language, it is a complex communication system where sounds are modulated in frequency and tone to mean different things.

How Do Dolphins Communicate?

Pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins Frolicking in the Water
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Dolphins and other toothed whales mainly use clicks and whistles. Clicks are used for echolocation as well as for communication.

There are different whistles such as contact calls, and signature whistles, which are used to identify each other.

Visual means include cooperative behaviour, making bubble streams, and pigmentation.

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