How Do Dolphins Communicate

So how do dolphins communicate?

Exactly like other whales, dolphins live in a dark world except when they surface.

Bottlenose Dolphins, Caribbean Sea Near Roatan, Honduras
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Deeper down in darkness, eyesight is not important, and most dolphins don't see very well.

Some, especially river dolphins, live in such murky waters that they are almost blind, barely able to use their eyes to distinguish night from day.

Like whales, dolphins have therefore made full use of the fact that sound travels very well in the water, and developed an excellent sense of hearing.

Dolphins don't sing long, low-frequency songs like do baleen whales, but they use short squeaks and other noises in a communication almost as complex as a language.

Some, like belugas can be so noisy that they can be heard from out of the water.

Dolphins have also got a good sense of touch and they also communicate by touching each other.

The species that have good enough eyesight, also communicate by leaping out of the water and putting on some surface display.

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