Arguments Against Whaling

The most obvious arguments against whaling are:
  •  the decreasing numbers of whales and
  •  the cruel methods used to harvest the whales.
Other valid arguments are:
  • Whales do not threaten fish populations as once thought and
  • Whaling doesn't create the money it used to. It is now more important to save our remaining whales and let whale tourism create the money.
  • Some countries do  "Research whaling" but really it is only a bad excuse to continue killing them for meat. 

The Decreased Numbers

Bones, Relic of Whaling Industry, Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, Polar Regions
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This is the argument against whaling that is hardest to ignore - whale numbers have dropped about 90% in some species, but all the hunted species were badly affected. Some species, e.g. the Atlantic Gray Whales were hunted to extinction. Whale populations take a long time to recover. They only have one young in every two or three years, and it is way too early to say that the populations have recovered - they have not. Whales have returned to some oceans where they disappeared, but their populations have not recovered.
Current commercial whaling and whaling practices that slaughter many whales at once are still threatening the populations of some species.

The Cruel Methods

An Anti-Whaling Sign in Front of Falkland Traditional Wooden House, Falkland Islands
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Another argument against whaling is cruelty. There are no humane methods to kill whales. Explosive harpoons which explode inside them, are cruel and painful. Being such large animals, one shot doesn't always kill them. It may take many minutes or even hours before they die and it should turn anyone with a heart against whaling. 

Fishing vs. Whaling

Commercial Fishermen Carry Fish from Dory to Weighing Station
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Some countries argue that whaling is necessary to maintain successful commercial fishing! They say that whales eat so many fish and if we kill whales, lots of fish are saved in the oceans! Isn't it better that we stop overfishing instead? Or look into other factors behind decreasing fish, such as pollution and habitat loss? If whales ate enough fish to affect global fish stocks, the amount of fish would have significantly increased when the whale populations crashed - but they did not!

Tourism vs. Whaling

Humpback Whales, Whale and Whale-Watching Boat, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Another argument against whaling is the profits from whaling are considerably smaller than they were many years ago.. Whale watching tours now bring in money instead. There are places in the world where whale watching is so big that it supports the whole local tourism industry. This includes hotels, restaurants and other tourism amenities. The profits gained from tourism easily replace the profits that would have been made from whaling.

Whaling Research

Whale Hunting Boat "Njordur"
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We do need to do research, for the best of the whales themselves. But it is obvious that the countries most interested in whale research are the countries where whale meat is part of their traditional diet. Japan makes full use of IWC's requirement that nothing goes to waste after the research is done and sends all whale meat to shops and markets. Is the real purpose of whaling in Japan for research or for meat? Why are whaling ships used that can process the meat of several whales on board? Is the research overdone? Can some of the data they are finding be obtained by non-lethal means? And is all of the data they are finding so necessary that it is worth so many lives? What good is all of the research if                                                     the whale population is decimated by it?

The only argument in favor of a very small amount of whaling would be that some northern villages still depend on whaling for survival. These villages, however, have very little impact on whale populations.

What's Your Opinion?

Are you for or against whaling and why?

Do you think it's ok that people in some countries still eat whale meat and why?

Or do you think it is more important that whales get to live and bring in tourist dollars..

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