How Do Whales Communicate

So how do whales communicate?

The world of water is different from the world above the surface.

Tail of Humpback Whale, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
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Other than right under the surface, whales live in darkness.

Eyesight is therefore not an important sense.

They do have eyesight but it is not good in most species.

Their eyes are small and not in front of their heads, but back, behind the jaws.

Instead, they have excellent hearing, because sound travels very well in water.

They have developed complex noises and sounds to communicate to each other.

Some species even sing songs that are repeated over and over.

Whales also communicate by surfacing behaviour such as splashing their flippers or tails against the water surface, or breaching out of the water and making a splasing sound when falling back.

Because their hearing is soo good they can detect all sorts of vibrations in water, it is thought that the noises of ships and other human-produced sounds such as navy sonars etc may damage their ears.

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