Are Killer Whales Endangered?

So, are killer whales endangered?

As a whole species they are not yet critically endangered, but they are definitely a threatened species.
And some local Orca populations are endangered such as the Resident Orcas of the Salish Sea, (Puget Sound).

I live on the edge of the Salish Sea. Just last night 3/6/15, I picked up a local newspaper, (Peninsula Daily News) and the front page had Good News for local Orcas!

NOAA Fisheries Researchers aboard a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration vessel returned this week after tracking and studying endangered Orcas off coast for 21 days. They wanted to find out where they go during the winter, what they eat and what risks they encounter.

"The data and other research will help determine what critical areas offshore need to be protected for the whales....The National Marine Fisheries Service is considering whether to expand protections for the orcas to include offshore areas from Cape Flattery, (WA), to Point Reyes, Calif." The inland waters of Washington are already designated as "critical" to Orca conservation.

The researchers uses satellite tags to track the Orcas as they swam about 100 miles, 10-15 miles offshore, along the Washington coast and as far south as central Oregon.
They were also able to collect data about their travels and diet. They even recorded Orca sounds with hydrophones, (under-water microphones).

An Adult Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca) Surfaces Next to a Calf Off the Cumberland Peninsula
An Adult Killer...
Michael Nolan
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One of the highlights of the trip was the discovery of a new baby Orca- the third baby documented this winter! Another highlight was observing groups of whales reuniting offshore.
To learn more, go to

Here is one way you could help save these endangered orcas!
Make donations to the
Center for Whale Research
Friday Harbor, WA
who is working hard to protect these whales!

Another way to help is to purchase one of the products below. Then you can wear, use or share your item and spread awareness by telling your friends about the endangered orcas!
We have to work together to make a difference!

Check out this story about one of the other new babies born this winter!

Local Public TV station KCTS9 does a story on L120

New Baby Orca Faces Threats From People and Nature

Killer Whale Calf Blows as It Surfaces
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Are Killer Whales endangered? Many of them are and

Orca numbers are declining for a number of reasons.

In the past,

* they have been hunted for meat.

* They have also been captured and sold to marine parks

Now, the threats include

* oil spills and other water pollution;

* habitat disturbance by boats and noise and fishing nets

* Overfishing and depletion of other prey

* accumulation of PCBs and

* naval sonar 

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