Killer Whale Facts

Here are lots of interesting killer whale facts.

* Killer whales are the largest members of dolphin family.

* They can grow up to 10 meters long and weigh up to almost 10 tons.

* Their black and white markings, and their long slim dorsal fins make them easy to recognize.

* Their coloring makes them look smaller than they are to their prey.

* Their dorsal fin has a shape unique to every individual which often helps with identification.

* They communicate by clicks and other sounds.

* They are fast swimmers - they can swim 55km/h.
Killer Orca Whale Chases Seal Sea Lion
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* They live in pods of about 20-30 members, and they often cooperate when hunting.

* While all whales are meat eaters, and all toothed whales are active killers, most of them take small prey like fish and smaller - while killer whales are the only whales that can kill large sea creatures such as seals and sea lions. 

* They are found in all oceans in the world.

* Some of the better known places to see them are off the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, northern Japan, northern New Zealand, Antarctica and Peninsula Valdes in southern South America.

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