kinds of whales

 Types of Dolphins

There are mainly two different types of dolphins.

The first type is those that live in salty ocean waters; and and the second - those that live in freshwater rivers.



Oceanic Dolphins

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Oceanic Dolphins are a large group of whales, all toothed. Some of the best known ones are the  Bottlenose, Common, Spinner, Spotted, Rissos, Irrawaddy, Australian Snubfin, White Beaked, White Sided, Frasers, Clymene, Tuxuci, Humpback, Heavyside, Hectors, and Rough Toothed Dolphins.

Some other well known Oceanic Dolphins are actually called 'whales'. There are Melon Headed Whales, Pilot Whales, Orca, False Killer Whales and Pygmy Killer Whales.

  Pink River Dolphin
Amazon River Dolphin, Pink River Dolphin or Boto Rio Negro, Brazil
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River Dolphins live in inland rivers (freshwater), or, in one case, in coastal rivers and river mouths (estuarine waters) in Asia and South America.

The species of river dolphins include the South Asian River Dolphin, Amazon River Dolphin (also known as Pink Dolphin), Araguaian, Bolivian and the La Plata Dolphin.

As of December 2006, the Baiji, aka Chinese River Dolphin has been declared extinct.

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