Sperm Whale Facts

There are some interesting sperm whale facts.

* Sperm Whale is a toothed whale and it can grow up to 20 metres long and weigh up to 50 tonnes.

* It is the largest toothed whale

* It has a huge square forehead, which is believed to help it to dive deep, or possibly help it to produce the clicks used for echolocation.

* Sperm whale is about 200 times heavier than dwarf sperm whale.

* It is the largest predator in the world. It is more than 100 times larger than the largest land predators such as tigers and bears.

* The blow of sperm whale is angled forwards and to the left, and is up to two metres high.

Ripples Reflect off the Back of a Sperm Whale
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* Sperm whale has got the largest brain in the world - it can weigh about 8kg. However it doesn't mean that it is the world's smartest animal - it has got a large body too.

* Sperm whale is a great diver - it dives deep (3km) down to the ocean where it finds its prey - the giant squid.

* While most other whales can hold their breath for 20ish minutes, sperm whale can hold it for two hours - something that it needs on its great dives.

* Sperm whales have about 50 20-cm-long teeth in their lower jaw.

* The largest giant squid found in a sperm whale's stomach was 12 meters long.

* A sperm whale eats more than a tonne of squid a day.

* Every year, sperm whales eat more food than the total amount of fish caught in the whole world.

* Male and female sperm whales only meet during the mating season. During the rest of the year, they feed on separate grounds.

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