Save the Whale Populations

Here is how you can help to save the whale populations.

Large whales don't have many predators. The biggest threat is humans!

save the whale
By Michael Dawes via

While calves and sick individuals may sometimes be taken by sharks or killer whales but generally, they don't pose a threat to large, healthy baleen whales.

whaling, particularly in the last century, cut their numbers down by 90%.

Another human-caused threat is water pollution which causes a huge amount of different diseases and death.

Sometimes areas are over-fished and the whales are not left with enough food. They also use fishing nets that entangle whales and dolphins. (People need to eat too. We just need to be mindful of the whales.)

Then there is noise from boats. Whales rely on a form of sonar to locate food and they use a variety
of sounds to communicate with each other. Noise from boats and ships interfere, making survival even harder.
Humpback Whale, Mother and Calf (Megaptera Novaeangliae) RurutuA more recent threat to whales and dolphins is Naval sonar testing. There have been mass strandings of whales and dolphins after sonar testing has been conducted in the area. Even the Navy admits their sonar testing kills marine animals!
I have been reading a book entitled, "War of the Whales: A True Story," by Joshua Horwitz. This well written book tells the story of what sonar testing is doing to these beautiful animals!

Humpback Whale,...
Reinhard ...
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Here are some ways you can help save the whales:

* Protest against whaling, sonar testing and over-fishing

* Sign a petition wherever you can

* Do not eat any whale meat or buy any whale products

* Do not pollute water or environment generally

* Adopt a Whale

* Learn all you can about whales and help teach others to take care of them

One way to keep up on current whale news is to read my Whale News Page.

We all need to work together if we want to make a difference!

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