Orca Whale Facts

There are some interesting orca whale facts.

* Orcas are also called killer whales.

* They are some of the largest toothed whales, aka dolphins.

* Thanks to their large size, they are also able to take large prey.

* They eat the largest prey of all whales, such as penguins and other seabirds, seals, sea lions, and they even attack baleen whales and great white sharks.

* Like other dolphins, they locate their prey by echolocation.

* They often work in groups when they hunt.

Killer Whale Momentarily Strands Itself in Pursuit of a Sea Lion
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* Orcas live in family groups - both female and male young stay in the same pod where they were born.

* They never mate within a pod but only when two different pods meet.

* Orcas are smart animals and sometimes swim behind fishing boats, to suck fish out of fishing nets - something that doesn't amuse fishermen.

* Being killers, they have historically also been feared by humans and had a bad reputation.

* In reality however, killer whales have excluded us totally from their diet.

* Occasionally, they have killed their trainers, but this is in captivity, where they cannot live their life in the way they are meant to and they become frustrated.

* Wild orcas do not attack humans, even if they swim in the same water. There have only  been one or two rare occasions.

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