Narwhal Whales

Narwhal Whales are the strangest looking whales.

Narwhal Whales (Monodon monoceros) are the only species (of genus Monodon) within the family Monodontidae.
A pod of male narwhals gather at the Arctic ice edge to eat cod
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Narwhals are small to medium sized
(upto 1600kg) animals with mottled
grey skin, round heads and
lack a dorsal fin.
They are close relatives to Belugas
and both inhabit Arctic waters although, Narwhals live even farther north than Belugas - above 80 degrees latitude, in the Arctic Ocean.

Narwhals are resting in a hole in the sea ice
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There are about 74,000 of them
They are known for their deep dives.
They eat a very specialized diet, which includes only 1-2 species of squid, cod and halibut.
This, along with their cold-water habitat, makes them very vulnerable to climate change.
Their predators are killer whales, polar bears, and Inuit People, who are allowed to hunt them for local consumption.

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