Humpback Whale Facts

Here are some interesting humpback whale facts.

* Humpback whales are baleen whales known as rorquals.

* They are found in all of the world's oceans, and they can be seen from the mainland in many places in the world.

* They are the beautiful black-and-white coloured whales that often breach. Their back is black and their belly is often white.

Humpback Whales, Hawaii
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* A Humpback whale has four-metres long flippers - the longest in the world.

* A humpback whale can carry up to 450 kg of barnacles on its body.

* While most baleen whales cruise-feed by swimming through krill swarms, humpback whales rise through shoals of fish from beneath them.

* They do "bubble-netting": they work together in a group and blow a ring of bubbles around swarms of small fish. The fish, getting "trapped in bubble nets", swim to the surface. The humpbacks follow and scoop the fish as they go.

* Like many other large baleen whales, Humpbacks migrate between cool feeding grounds near the poles (during the summer), and warm breeding grounds closer to the equator (during the winter).

* It is believed that they cannot go beyond the equator, so the southern and northern populations may never meet, because the seasons are the opposite in the two hemispheres, so when the northern whales head south towards the equator during the winter, the southern whales leave the equator for cool feeding grounds towards the poles, because in the Southern Hemisphere it's summer.

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