Ganges River Dolphin

Ganges river dolphin is an interesting animal.

It is the same species as Indus River Dolphin: Platanista gangetica.

Almost Blind, the Ganges Dolphin Probes for Food with its Snout
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They have been two different species (in the 1970s) but are currently classified as two different subspecies of the same species.

They look the same - they have small tails and flippers, long beaks and visible teeth in both jaws.

They are probably the blindest of all river dolphins, with eyes barely being able to tell night from day.

They are solitary and don't seem to live in social groups.

They eat shrimp and bottom-living fish which they dig out of the bottom of the river. Ganges River Dolphins sometimes hunt for food in as little as 8 inches of water where they move by swimming on their sides.
Unfortunately, some of them live too close to humans and are threatened by getting caught in fishing nets, water pollution and hunting.

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