Fun Facts about Killer Whales

There are some fun facts about killer whales.

* Female killer whales are the leaders of the group, even when they get too old to have babies.

* A growing killer whale baby can put on 1kg every hour and double its size in a week.

* An adult killer whale weighs about 10 tons.

* Most of that weigh is muscle - orcas are the fastest swimming mammals.

* Orcas have no natural predators. Deadly sharks are too small compared to their size.

* They are some of the longest-living whales and can live up to 90 years.

Killer Whale Spy Hopping with Calf in an Arctic Fjord, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
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* They breed very slowly - they only have a young about every eight years.

* They are some of the few whales that come to the shore - to catch seals and sea lions.

* They play with their prey before killing it, just like a cat plays with a mouse.

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