Dolphins Kids Facts

There are heaps of fun dolphins kids facts.

* Whales and dolphins are not fish.

* They are mammals that live in the water.

* While fish breathe with gills and lay eggs, whales breathe with lungs and give birth to live young that suckle milk.

* They have small eyes, large mouths and blowholes on the top of their head.

* Their arms are called flippers and their tail fins are called flukes.

* They have got no back legs.

Bottlenose Dolphins, Caribbean
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* Dolphins often live in pods. These can be small, consisting of a few animals, or large, consisting of thousands of animals.

* Dolphins are meat eaters and they eat fish and squid.

* Dolphins love to jump out of the water and play.

* They also like to surf on the waves made by boats and large whales.

* They "have names" - whistle calls that are unique to each individual. So they can recognise other pod members individually.

* They have many other sounds and a complex communication system.

* They are very smart animals and can learn clever tricks, and solve simple problems.

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