Dolphins in Captivity

Is it good that people keep dolphins in captivity?

For people - yes. For dolphins - no.

dolphins in captivity
By BAR Photography via

Keeping them in aquariums, zoo parks and research centres gives us an excellent opportunity to learn about them.

While dolphins are very friendly and definitely connect to humans and even develop personal bonds, statistics show that their life spans are shorter and they reproduce less in captivity.

It may be good that they are safe from predators and well fed, but they are missing out on the natural pod life and freedom in the large oceans.

Killer whales particularly don't enjoy captivity.

They hardly breed, and they only live for about five years
in captivity, while in the wild they may live as long as 90 years!

They get depressed and aggressive, and are known at times to kill their trainers.

Is it so necessary for us to see them alive on shows in marine parks when we can see them in their natural habitat on tv screens?

Is it worth that those animals live an unnatural life in imprisonment when they are naturally living in large family pods?

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