Dolphin Reproduction

Dolphin reproduction is different from the reproduction of whales.

Of course, both reproduce by mating, but what is different is that large baleen whales have to migrate long distances to breeding grounds where they mate and give birth, while dolphins don't need to migrate such distances.

Bottlenose Dolphins Adult and Young, Honduras
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They are much more social animals and live in pods.
Some species mate randomly within pods, others, such as orcas, live in family pods and only mate with the members of other pods.

They are not monogamous - both males and females have several partners during their lifetime.

Females are physically reproductive at about five years age, but usually start breeding later, at about nine years, however there are exceptions. Gestation period lasts about 12 months.
The young is born tail first.
The newborn is ready to swim, and surface to breath.
It has, however, lots to learn when it comes to finding food, mates and avoiding predators.

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