Brydes Whale

Brydes whale is a baleen whale.

It belongs to the group of rorquals.

Brydes Whale, Female Arching Back Puerto Vallarta
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It is now considered a single species, Balaenoptera edeni, although its different populations used to be classified as three different species (B. edeni, B. brydei, and B. Omurai).

It lives in tropical and temperate waters in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and most of them are found along the coasts.

It is up to 17 meters long, and weighs around 40 tons.

Females are slightly larger than males. It is a dark coloured animal, with dark grey-deark-blue to black skin, a relatively large head and eyes.

It dives for about 15 min, to about 300 m depth.
It eats krill, crustacians, small fish and plankton.

It is unique among baleen whales with some populations that don't migrate.

It wasn't hunted much during the old whaling days
and there are about 100,000 individuals in the world.

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