Blue Whale Facts

On this page are some interesting blue whale facts.

What animal....

* can hold its breath for almost two hours?

* has skin that can be one foot thick?

* looks like a fish, but isn't a fish?

* can be over 100 feet long?

* weigh as much as 25 elephants?

* has a heart the size of a small automobile?

 The Blue Whale!

* Blue whales are the largest animals that have ever lived on the Earth including dinosaurs!
Largest Animals Size Comparison
Blue Whale Size Comparison
Largest Animals...
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* Blue Whales can weigh up to 150 tons!
* It is only possible to grow so large in the water, because in the water things "weigh" less than on the land thanks to water's boyancy.

* If a blue whale, or any other large whale, got beached they could die just because their inner organs would get crushed under their own body weight.

* Blue whales eat about four tons of krill every day during the summer, and almost nothing during the winter.

* Blue whales cruise-feed. They swim through a krill swarm with their mouths open.

* They can make a very loud noise measuring 180 decibles.

* The heart of a resting blue whale beats 10 times slower than the heart of a human.

* Blue whale baby is seven metres long and weighs three tons. It drinks 350 litres milk a day.

* Before the whaling began, there were 250,000 blue whales. Today there are 14,000 .

Click here to watch an awesome Blue Whale video depicting a Blue Whale in natural habitat!


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