Beaked Whales

There are about 20 species of beaked whales.

A Beaked Whale Swimming in the Clear Waters of the Hawaiian Islands
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Beaked whales have a "beak" similar to dolphins but they have grooves under the throat. They are between 4 and 13 meters long, and they weigh up to 15 tons.

They are known for their ability to dive very deep and they live in deep ocean waters.

They are therefore not easy to spot and only a few species have been studied reasonably well.

Another unique characteristic is that while they are active predators, they don't catch their prey with teeth, but rather suck it into their mouths. They eat deep water fish and squid.


This is the second largest group of cetaceans after dolphins.

Some of the known species include

Andrews', Mesoplodon bowdoini

Arnoux's, Berardius arnuxii

Baird's, Berardius bairdii

Blainville's, Mesoplodon densirostris

Gervais', Mesoplodon europaeus

Ginkgo-toothed, Mesoplodon ginkgodens

Gray's, Mesoplodon grayi

Cuvier's, Ziphius cavirostris

Hector's, Mesoplodon hectori

Hubbs', Mesoplodon carlhubbsi

Longman's, Indopacetus pacificus

Northern Bottlenose Whale, Hyperoodon ampullatus

Perrin's, Mesoplodon perrini

Pygmy, Mesoplodon peruvianus

Shepherd's, Tasmacetus sheperdi

Southern Bottlenose Whale, Hyperoodon planifrons

Sowerby's, Mesoplodon bidens

Spade, Mesoplodon traversii

Stejneger's, Mesoplodon stejnegeri and

Strap-toothed Whale, Mesoplodon layardii

True's, Mesoplodon mirus

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