Pink Dolphin Facts

Here are some interesting pink dolphin facts.

* Not all river dolphins are pink dolphins, but all pink dolphins are river dolphins.

* Many river dolphins are endangered by pollution, overfishing, hunting, getting trapped in fishing nets and getting injured by river boats.

* Amazon river dolphin is the real pink dolphin.

* It has a long thin beak with many teeth, just like other river dolphins.

* It has got a hump on its back instead of a dorsal fin.

Amazon River Dolphin, Pink River Dolphin or Boto Rio Negro, Brazil
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* It has got very small eyes and is almost blind.

* The river habitat where it lives is murky and sight is a sense hard to use in these conditions.

* Instead, these dolphins rely on hearing, and use echolocation to get a picture about their surroundings.

* Many other dolphins also use echolocation, but most of them rather combine it with eye-sight.

* Pink river dolphins, however, have much worse eyesight than most other dolphins. They can barely tell night from day by seeing.

* They use a primitive, but very sensitive echolocation system.

* They have a very flexible neck compared to other dolphins, so they can turn their heads and follow their prey.

* To vary the pattern of their solar signal, they can change the shape of their melon.

* They can perfectly locate their prey, which is piranha, catfish, and other small creatures living in the Amazon river.

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