Amazing Dolphin and Whale Facts!

Whales and dolphins are amazing animals! They are the largest and some of the most incredible animals on earth but if we don't take care of them they may be gone forever!
This site is dedicated to teaching others about these beautiful animals and hopefully inspire others to do their part in protecting them.

A diver has a close encounter wih a southern right whale

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What animal....
  • can hold its breath for almost two hours?
  • has skin that can be one foot thick?
  • looks like a fish, but isn't a fish
  • can be over 100 feet long?
  • weigh as much as 25 elephants?
  • has a heart the size of a small automobile?
Answer- The Blue Whale!

Those are just a few facts about one whale. There are 71 different species of whales! This includes dolphins and porpoises. Yes, they are in the whale family too!
Dolphin kiss
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More whale and dolphin facts:

Whales and dolphins have a communication and social system are some of the most complex of all animals.

And despite all the whale hunting, they are still very friendly to us.

They are curious and smart enough to come and check us out and socialize with us.

They often come so close you wonder who's watching who.

Eye of a Gray Whale, Eschrichtius Robustus, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico

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Learn information about those amazing animals, along with facts about whaling and endangered species of whales and dolphins.

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